Christmas Keepsakes 2014

I focused on making homemade gifts for friends and family this year, with clay in particular. I made a variety of clay people and items, many of which I turned into ornaments or magnets. Here is my collection from this season:

An angel, to which I added a wire so it could hang on a tree:

clayangel clayangel2

Converse shoes ornament:

Mini gingerbread houses ornaments:
claygingerbreadhouse claygingerbreadhouse2

Mystery Coffee Shop magnets:

Dr. Who’s time-traveling TARDIS:

claytardis claytardis2

New baby in a stocking ornament:


Pregnancy Keepsake figurines, personalized:

claypregnancykeepsakes claypregnancykeepsakes2

Personalized husband and wife ornaments:
claysingerfan claysingerfan2

Magnets: mini turtle and Wild Thing
claywildthing claywildthing2

My children also joined in the clay fun, making beads, a Santa, gingerbread ornaments, and ladybug magnets:

claybeadslices claybeadsmish claybeadsseb claygingerladybugsebclaysantabymisha


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