Mixed Media Goblin Wizard


To make this little four-inch goblin wizard, I used a variety of different materials to make him look convincing. With Yoda and Dobby floating around in my mind, I worked on this guy over several days, adding to him each time.

I haven’t experimented too much with wire frames yet, but this attempt went well. I shaped a rough outline to support his limbs. Obviously, I spent the most time on creating the wizened head, then the hands and feet. I attached those body parts to the frame, using white clay to roughly cover the rest of the skeleton and connect it all together. I baked it with foil guards all around it to keep it stable as it hardened.

Then came the fun of adding various details to him:

  • a green fabric robe (sewn around his body), which I clumsily embroidered with some golden thread
  • a braided yarn belt
  • a brown fabric satchel (which actually has a few gold clay coins inside)
  • an amulet made of clay and thread
  • a walking stick with a few notches hacked into it for decoration
  • and lastly, white yarn untwisted and soaked in grayish water to make it less pristinely white, then rebraided and superglued to his head


Now he just needs a name!


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